Brief Introduction of Chinese Hospital association


  Chinese Hospital Association(CHA)is a national,trade-oriented,and non-profit-making mass organization formed voluntarily by all types and all levels of healthcare institutions(excluding rural healthcare stations,clinics,and infirmaries)that have legally obtained their business license in health care.Chinese Hospital Association has an independent legal eligibility.

  The purpose of Chinese Hospital Association is:to obey the State's constitution,laws,regulations and policies,and implement the state's relevant policies and guidelines on health undertakings;protect the legal rights and interests of the members;and,play an active role as an administrative body for trade instruction,self-regulation,coordination,and supervision,and try its best to improve the management level of member institutions,promote sustainable and healthy development of the reform and construction of healthcare institutions,and thus protect the people's health and serve the construction of socialist modernizations.

  Chinese Hospital Association takes business instructions according to laws from the Ministry of Health and is under the supervision and the administration of the authority for its registration,Ministry of Civil Affairs.

  Chinese Hospital association was instituted by changing its previous name.There are more than 1700 group members,7000 individual members and 22 branches in the Association,whose organizational construction is constantly improved and perfected.

  Chinese Hospital Association is a trade management organization for hospitals.While focusing its work on self-regulation and legal rights protection,it also carries out academic research and transformation of scientific results.The Association adheres to a scientific outlook on development,studying new situations and addressing newly arose issues so that to serve as a qualified consultant for government authorities.Stick to the concept of putting people first and patients being centered.Carry forward the spirit of Dr.Norman Bethune,and heighten the sense of civilized service and trade self-regulation.Persist in combining theory with Practice,and steer hospitals to serving public welfare.Persist in serving hospitals and bring initiatives of different parts into full play in performing the function of trade management.Enhance self-capacity to expand overseas exchanges and cooperation.Directed by the credos of the Association "Open up to innovation,Forge ahead united,Be strict and realistic-minded,Honest and accountable services",we will work hard for the grand goal of creating a harmonious society by intensifying all aspects of the efforts,and strive to open up a better future for Chinese hospitals.

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